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Quote of the Day | 05.23.16

Conversation is still the most important and valuable form of communication, but technology and the pace of work often conspire to make it one of the rarest.

  • Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

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Quote of the Day | 01.09.15

If you are satisfied to lead from the past, stay out of the digital world. If you want to influence the future, brace yourself and get in the fast lane.

– Albert Mohler

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Quote of the Day | 01.07.15

(Leaders . . .) If you are not present on the Internet, you simply do not exist, as far as anyone under thirty is concerned.

– Albert Mohler

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Tuesday Thots | Four Leadership Trends :: Communication, Technology, Media, Social Leadership

This is part 4 in the 4-week series of leadership trends that I taught recently at a leadership class.

Communication/Technology/Media/Social Leadership

“The newest data says that the world has generated more information in the past 3 years than in the previous 5000 years.”  – Leonard Sweet

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, predicts that within three years max, there won’t be any newspapers left.

Approximately six months ago, The Wall Street Journal pronounced email, “Officially dead.”

Recent surveys show that cell phone usage amongst teenagers finds teens using the devices primarily for text messaging.  Estimates say that teens use their phones for text messaging as high as 85% of the time and calls only 15% of the time.  Half of teens send 50 or more text messages a day (1500 per month), while one-third send more than 100 a day (or 3000 per month).

Fifty percent (8 million out of 16 million) college students have moved to the cloud-based Google Apps.   80% of US Schools have moved to cloud-based computing in one form or another.  (ChurchIT)

What does all of this mean?  The challenge that is before every organization is how to handle the massive amounts of information that is being processed daily whether it is in print or electronic.  The information can only be ignored to the detriment of the organization.  The issues to be grappled with are: (1) What information to take in and what information to allow to pass by us; (2) How to find the time to sift through and digest all of the information in front of us; and (3) What to do with all of the information we do take in.

Implications of technology, knowledge, data :: organizational existence (will it thrive or become extinct), relevancy in an ever-changing culture, globalization, communication, change.

Leadership in this area requires us to keep a finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing technology culture and to find ways to minimize the noise/spam so people can hear what needs to be communicated.  “Louder” does not improve the effectiveness of the message (Tony Morgan)

Ignoring this trend in technology, social media, and communication only renders us ineffective and irrelevant.  However, diving into it without any vision for how to use it, only creates distraction, noise and additional spam in our lives which ultimately creates incredible chaos of our lives and organizations.

How do you or your organization use this technology to lead the way to greater productivity?

Have you or your organization find all of this to be crippling before you harnessed it?

How do leaders lead in this area?

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