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Quote of the Day | 12.23.13

To imagine things other than they are is the essence of hope. It is also the stuff of revolution.

– Leonard Sweet

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Tuesday Thots | Four Leadership Trends :: Change Leadership

This is part 3 in a 4-week series of leadership trends that I taught recently at a leadership class.

Change Leadership

Change Leadership differs from “change management” in that change management’s focus was helping change that was taking place occur with the least amount of chaos and upheaval.  Change Leadership not only manages change but creates change deliberately.  Change Leadership requires people to constantly be looking at the surrounding landscape and pushing change so the organization can stay ahead of the rapid change and stay relevant.

Why the change from “Change Management” to “Change Leadership”?

  • The world changes drastically every 18 months.  (Leonard Sweet, Summoned to Lead)
  • The only person who likes change is a wet baby.  (Mark Twain)
  • Good is the enemy of great. (Jim Collins, Good to Great)
  • Success breads complacency.  Complacency breads failures.  (Andy Stanley)

What does “Change Leadership” look like and require?

  • In a world that is changing so quickly right in front of us, the demand of quick decision making is of utmost importance.
  • As the world, culture, and the people who make up both are changing so rapidly around us, understanding the need to remain relevant and actually remaining relevant becomes a source of constant evaluation, innovation and change.
  • Crustal-clear vision & pin-point focus.
    “Change without vision is chaos.”  – Tony Morgan
  • Regular, pain-staking evaluation of everything!
  • Eyes constantly looking for changes in culture around us.  (Men of Issachar)
  • Courage.
  • “Organizations that don’t change die.”  – Tony Morgan
    “If everyone already recognizes the need for change, you’re obviously not the leader.”  – Tony Morgan
    “Nothing fails like success:  it freezes you in patterns that brought you success 12 months ago but that will bring you failure today.  Most churches are operating with information about how things were years ago.”  – Leonard Sweet

What else is required of change leaders?  Have we moved from a culture where we need to manage change to a culture where we must create and lead change?

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    Quote of the Day :: 07.13.09

    We can no longer afford to expect thinking to be a function of those at the top and doing to be a function of those at the bottom.  None of us is as smart as all of us.  The Mission depends on everyone.

    – Leonard Sweet

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    Quote of the Day :: 04.14.08

    What makes a successful corporation is not a great product or a great leader, but a great culture in which people are empowered in creative goodness, innovative beauty, and unyeilding truth.

    – Leonard Sweet

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    Quote of the Day :: 04.09.08

    Nothing fails like success:  it freezes you in patterns that brought you success 12 months ago but that will bring you failure today.

    – Leonard Sweet

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