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Quote of the Day | 04.20.11

Ruts are bad…even good ruts…so there really are no good ruts. When really good stuff becomes predictable, formulaic, etc. it begins to lose effectiveness, and thus a bunch of really good stuff can slowly become a rut.

– Kurt Johnston


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Tuesday Thots

Saw this the other day and wanted to pass the thoughts on because they looked really good. This is written by Kurt Johnston.

Blockbuster Bankruptcy…..lesson learned

I’m not a business man, but I saw this one coming for years. For lots of reasons, one biggie being that their online business is about 1/10th that of Netflix, Blockbuster has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and hopes to reorganize.

Some leadership things popped into my head when I was thinking about the Blockbuster saga:

– Change isn’t bad….in fact sometimes it is necessary for your survival.
– If it ain’t broke, it will be soon enough.
– It isn’t about what you think works….it’s about what your “customers” think works.
– Objects in mirror really are closer than they appear.
– If outsiders recognize problems before leaders on the inside do….there are BIG problems!
– Success almost always breeds complacency.


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