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Tuesday Thoughts :: 06.10.08

The book I’m currently reading, Leadership From the Inside Out, speaks of the movie Braveheart and some of the leadership examples we can learn from several characters in that movie regarding how we lead people.  The book offers some self-examination questions for leaders to ask themselves with regard to the kind of leader they are.  Read through this and examine your own heart and the kind of leader that you are and need to become.

Am I a leader like Wallace, like the nobles, or like Longshanks?  Take some time to reflect on this question.  Honestly look at your leadership life, your motives, and how you relate (or don’t relate) to people.

A leader like Wallace. Am I first onto the battlefield?  Do I labor and fight side-by-side with the people I lead?  Are people devoted to me because they know I love them and would lay down my life for them?

A leader like the nobles. Do I see the people I lead as means to help me maintain my position?  Do I treat people like stepping-stones to advance myself?  Do I sense that the people I lead don’t really trust me because they can see that I care more about myself than about them?

A leader like Longshanks? Do I stand back, out of the fray, and let the people I lead do all the hard work?  Do I see people as dispensable, as pawns on my chessboard?  Have I allowed my heart to become so hard that I don’t care when the people I lead are hurting, weary, or broken?


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