Leadership 101

simple insights for those in leadership

About the Author

My name is Rich Landosky.  I am the Associate Pastor of Ministry Development at New Life Church of Toms River, NJ.  Leadership 101 was born out of my deep passion for leadership – for learning it and trying to live it.  My leadership journey began about 23 years ago when I found myself at my last church, Aldan Union Church, as their Pastor of Student Ministries.  I could do youth ministry but I was lacking in the area of leadership, especially organizational leadership, which was desperately needed in a larger church with a volunteer team of about 50 serving alongside me.  My wife picked a book up for me at a conference she attended entitled Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell.  I devoured that book and my journey to grow as a leader and learn leadership was underway.  Shortly after this I enrolled in graduate school at Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School where in earned an M.A. in Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership Studies.  Leadership 101 began a little over 14 years ago via email subscription.  After a break of a couple years due to technological issues that couldn’t be worked out, Leadership 101 re-emerged via this blog allowing it greater exposure and reading flexibility.  Leadership 101 can also be followed on Twitter.  If you know someone who might benefit from and be encouraged by these simple leadership insights and quotes, please spread the word.

I consider it a privilege to be on this leadership journey with you.  Lead well.

– Rich Landosky

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