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Quote of the Day | 05.14.12

A primary function of leadership is the coordination of the work of others and the primary means of achieving coordination is effective communication.

– Dr. Gil Peterson

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Remembering My Good Friend & Co-Laborer Bill Pederson

I woke up this morning to an incoming text message. As I fumbled for my phone I shook my head hoping I had just awakened from a bad dream.  As I looked at the text message, I realized that it hadn’t been a dream.

At 4:00 this morning I got a phone call to tell me that my good friend, Prayer Partner, former Middle School Director, fishing buddy, and the guy who always had my back, Bill Pederson, had passed away and was home with the Lord.  My heart was sad. Two grown children have lost their father at an early age.  I remember what that was like. My dad passed away when I was 33. He met my daughter and knew her for about 8 months. He never met my son. Bill’s wife, Claire, has lost the husband of her youth. My heart was sad because I lost a great friend and a co-laborer.  Bill is one of the reasons why Leadership 101 exists.  Bill encouraged me with this idea I had about 10 years ago and has been a subscriber from Day 1 when it was just an email I sent out three times a week.  Bill was my Middle School Director for a lot of years and helped me build our Middle School Ministry to where it is today. After stepping down as my MS Director, he continued to teach occasionally in our student ministry and offered help wherever and whenever we needed it.  He raised funds for our student ministry when we needed them.  He was an Elder at our church and a Trustee (and stirred the pot a little which is always a good thing). He raised up a team of prayer partners who would regularly pray for me, my family, our ministry here. In his words, he was “just a pipe-fitter,” but he was a leader and a good friend.

So, my heart is sad today. But, as the Apostle Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 4, I don’t grieve as those who have no hope, nor does his family. I know where Bill is.  He is more alive today than he ever has been. The health issues he has battled over recent years, many stemming from his time in Vietnam, are gone. He is alive and well and in the presence of his God and Creator. He is alive and worshiping his Father – the One whom he has served so faithfully for so many years, the One whom he has told countless others about. He is with the God he loves and will enjoy Him forever.  And so while I will miss Bill and our times of prayer, our times eating together (always an order of cheese fries and a cheesesteak stromboli with bacon and sauce @ Cocco’s), our times of solving the problems of the church together, and our times fishing, I am glad for him, and quite frankly, a little bit jealous that he gets to be with Jesus before me.

Bill left his mark in the lives of a lot of students and others. May we now pick up that torch and continue to make a difference for Christ. Please pray for the family in the days and weeks to come as they adjust and miss Bill.

A picture of one of the bass Bill caught last time he and I went fishing at our favorite fishing hole in Lancaster.

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