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The Top Five – Make It Nine – Leadership Things I’ve Read This Week

OK, truth be told, some of what’s listed here isn’t actually stuff I “read” this week. Some is stuff I watched and listened to this week. Nevertheless, I think they are well worth checking out as they will push you, challenge you, stretch you, and encourage you in your leadership journey.

  1. Importance of Grace to Your Leadership by Shawn Murphy.  A great short piece on relational leadership.
  2. Not all leaders are uber-charismatic, life-of-the-party, High “I” personalities.  Some leaders are introverts.  So how does that work?  Lisa Petrilli writes on the three keys to success for the introverted CEO over at the Lead Change Group’s blog.
  3.  Ron Edmondson writes on the Seven Attributes of a Maturing Leader.  A short but good list to help us take inventory.
  4. Mike Myatt speaks to Leadership and Curiosity.  His conclusion?  Bottom line – don’t settle for what is, use your curiosity to think what if?and seek out what can be.
  5. How do you lead when you’re not the top leader?  The youth pastors over at Saddleback Church (where Rick Warren, author of Purpose Driven Life pastors) talk about How To Lead From the Middle.  Some well thought out advice on leading when you’re not the “Top Dog.” You don’t have to be a pastor of any kind for this advice to be applied.
  6. Scott Williams over at “Big Is The New Small” speaks of The Simple Science of Leadership.  The questions is: Is leadership science or art or both? And is it simple?
  7. Another really good, short piece by Ron Edmondson on the 5 Ways to Make the Best of Human Capital.   Another piece on relational leadership and IQ.  After all, leadership is all about relationships.
  8. A short video by Mark Sanborn on how to add value to your people and how to improve their stories.  Check it out here: http://www.kepplerspeakers.com/2011/11/author-mark-sanborn-on-high-impact-leadership/.
  9. Finally, a great 20 minutes discussion on creating, maintaining, and evaluation “corporate” culture by Andy Stanley can be found on his November leadership podcast. Its entitled “Five Inescapable Truths of Culture.”  You can find it here or search for it in iTunes.

What was your favorite piece?  What helped you the most?

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  1. Rich, thank you for including Importance of Grace to Your Leadership in your list. What great company to be included with.

    Comment by Shawn Murphy (@shawmu) | December 5, 2011 | Reply

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