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Top Five Leadership Things I’ve Read This Week



Counting the Cost – The High Price of Moral Failure
Doug Fields posts an article by Marv Penner on his blog about moral failure, the boundaries we need to have in place as leaders, and remembering the high cost involved.

The Difference Between Management and Leadership
Seth Godin writes brieflyon the key difference between being a management and leadership.

Tony Morgan writes on Senior Leadership Teams and who should be on them.

A great quote by @RonEdmondson:  “A mature leader says what needs saying & doesn’t say what needs kept silent. And knows the difference.”  How do I keep that one right there and ready to use in my own life more often?  More of this in his blog post about the same.

And one more great quote – this one by Rick Warren: “New growth happens on your newest branches, not the trunk.”

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Quote of the Day | 10.28.11

The linchpin (leader) is able to invent a future, fall in love with it, live in it – and then abandon it on a moment’s notice.

-Seth Godin

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