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Quote of the Day | 05.11.11

You either defend the status quo or invent the future.

– Seth Godin

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  1. Seth, that sounds good, so long as inventing the future doesn’t blindly trample on those who “invented the future” before you did and their model still works.

    If you mean to blindly throw out the status quo, then I’d say no is the default answer, but the better answer would be to look at the status quo and ask if that’s working. And can it be improved upon.

    I’m not attacking, and I know that posting can seem that way, so I’m not, ok?

    I’m just saying, let’s talk about a specific.

    If we’re staying in the general terms, I think “status quo” is to be kept because today’s “status quo” is probably someone’s work from the past that has stood the test of time.

    Whew, I’m wore out on my own logic. I hope that makes sense?

    Kurt at http://www.GrossInternational.com

    Comment by kurtgross | May 11, 2011 | Reply

    • I think what Seth Godin is trying to say here is that some people will spend so much time and energy defending the way things have always been, that they never have the energy and time to keep developing, changing and growing for the future. I don’t think its an issue of trampling on those who invented the future before us.

      A for instance: When Blockbuster started out, they were “revolutionary.” It was like a library for renting video tapes and DVDs. I worked at a library when video tapes first came out and we had to convince the head of our A/V Dept that loaning VHS and Beta tapes was as valuable as loaning books. Blockbuster took it to the next level and created something that would stand the test of time . . . until . . . . Not many Blockbusters around anymore. They forgot to keep changing. They invented the future but spent all their energy and resources defending the status quo until they were no longer relevant.

      Comment by Rich Landosky | May 11, 2011 | Reply

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