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Thuesday Thots :: 06.16.09

The following is from Steven Furtick’s blog:

The Notes You Don’t Play

I heard a famous blues guitarist interviewed one time, and he was asked to share his opinion on a few other guitar players.  The guys in question were neo-classical shredders: they played really really fast-lots and lots of notes.

The blues legend made a funny face, thought for a second, and admitted:

“I’m not a big fan of that style.  When it comes to guitar solos, I’m a minimalist.  I think the notes you don’t play are the really important ones.  That way, the ones you do play really count.  They stick, man.”

This applies to leadership on so many levels:
Often, it’s the notes you don’t play that make the biggest impact.

The angry words you don’t speak.
The superfluous ministries you don’t do.
The sketchy staff members you don’t hire.
The mild compromises you don’t allow.
The detail oriented meetings you don’t sit in.

If you want to be heard more clearly, play less notes.  Make every one count.

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